Our philosophy
Daarvag International Advertising Agency has long led the way by recognizing that brands are in the hands of consumers, not brand managers. Brand experience is what any consumer remembers about a product or service. It’s what leads to lasting impressions, preferences, and performance. This is what sets Daarvag’s work apart; consumer experiences that are not inexplicable, but real, substantial, measurable – unforgettable.

Our name
In the Iranian dialect, Daarvag is a small green tree frog that begins to croak in sight of the rainy season and informs everyone of the upcoming rainfall. It has been told for centuries that the Daarvag brings prosperity and well-being for the dry lands of Iran.

Our history
Daarvag Advertising Agency began life in a small office in Tehran (Iran 1990), by an aspired few whose goal was to build one of the first truly integrated creative agencies in Iran, and that is exactly what happened soon after. Towards the end of 2004, as our international clientele significantly increased and our agency established recognition in Iran and throughout other parts of the region, Daarvag officially became Daarvag International. as of this moment, we operate as an independently owned and managed agency — however 50-people strong. Our talented teams are young, dynamic and hold the highest levels of education and experience in the field. More importantly, our beliefs and passion for the industry have kept us at the top of Iranian advertising scene for almost two decades.
These days, a reinvigorated Daarvag is enjoying a new era, attracting top-drawer clients, creating industry news, having fun and producing campaigns endlessly. Within Daarvag’s walls, you will find a group of experienced idea generators and problem solvers who have a common purpose: to help our client’s brands win. Going on 20 years, Daarvag International carries on as the longest standing communications agency in Iran.

Our approach
Our client’s marketing objectives – their business needs – are the first and foremost factor in our partnerships. We are committed to long-term client-agency relationships, rather than one-offs – as brands are strongest when having ownership and when all communications are aligned. With that in mind, we pursue collaborative relationships with clients and partners to find the hidden potential of people, brands and businesses through creativity. With our defined objectives, brand knowledge and creativity in hand, we proceed to venture beyond the borders of traditional advertising.