We all are different!

Humankind is defined by its character, behavior and individual quality. These characteristics not only differentiate us from each other, but also give us a uniqueness and make us stand out for what we are.

Daarvag International advertising agency, for its 1396 (April 2016-March2017) calendar pays specific attention to this subject by magnifying the horoscope signs of each month.

Starting with April which is the beginning of the Iranian new year, the list will introduce each person’s quality defined by his date of birth.

Those who have been born in April, are defined as Energetic, May: Social, June: Traveler, July: Emotional, August: Authoritarian, September: Imaginative, October: Balanced, November: Adventurist, December: Easy going, January: Ambitious, February: Intelligent, March: Rhythmic.

This is to say that accepting each other’s unique qualities, whether bad or good, is essential for living together and creating a peaceful world.