Daarvag International Advertising Agency, Iran

People behind the Bank
The phone at you service!
Powerful guard!
This companinion worth billions!
Live light!
Good morning!
Taste of good times!
Live for now!
Like a captain!
What would you like to drink?
With your help, I succeed!
It doesn’t freeze!
Where is my Crunchy?
Crunchier than Crunchy!
Touch the sound!
Smart cooking!
Fresh and natural!
Cappuccino aroma!
Every youth has his own world!
The hidden killer!
Let’s enjoy our moments!
With a finger touch!
Pampering aroma!
Let’s get our hands dirty!
For your peace of mind!
Stain remover champion!
The evidence is in your hand!
Make your own vehicle!
Since when?
Everybody will get it!