Everybody will get it!


In the past, getting a mobile SIM card was not an easy task. It took about a year and cost about $1,000 USD to have a SIM card. Taliya was the first prepaid SIM card, offering its products in an inexpensive and quick manner.

The cost of SIM card came down to $50 USD with maximum of two days for line connectivity so the demand expected to be humongous. That is why we came up with concept of “fever”. A “fever” that everybody will get it. So we imagined the headlines that would come from all the different newspapers. The lines such as: “Soon, everybody will catch Taliya,” “ In any circumstances you will catch Taliya,” “ Every member of a family will catch Taliya,” and “ First Tehran and then other cities will catch Taliya.” It is pointless to say, but the campaign went viral.

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